Mayan~Book of Creation~Dances

New Work = 18 dances, performances, research inspired by the Mayan Book of Creation




~It keeps no record of wrongs~



#ritualandetiquette Open Engagement


~It is not easily angered~




El Camino Community College


~It is not self-seeking~



#ritualandetiquette NAES Conference 3/18/2016

the hero twins receive the summons to play a ball game in the underworld the same as their father, the first twins.



~It is not rude~



Ice Babylon 2016

the hero twins are in the house of their Grandmother. they are treated cruelly by their two half-siblings and even their Grandmother. the twins stay true and positive. They live. #loveisstrongerthanwitchcraft


Photography by Ricardo Esway


~It is not proud~


A new concept score by Leyya Mona Tawil and Zari Le’on

Performed by Isabelle Sjahsam, Janet Marie Collard, Shoshana Green, Megan Nicely, Dominic Cramp, Lenny Gonzalez, Boo Bert Lopez, Lisa Light, Deborah Michelle Karp, Sasha Petrenko, Alexis Mian, Kelly Porter

Performed at Temescal Arts Center, January 8, 2016


the twins are summoned to the underworld to perform where they are burned to death by a firey bench.



~It does not boast~


A collaboration of live dance and screendance performed October 2 &3 at Blaktina Festival in Tucson, Arizona.

Danced by Anton Smith

Screendance by Zari Le’on


“My Stars”

the creation of stars, the triumph of the mountain, the triumph of earthquakes, the story of the Father of the sun and moon


~It does not envy~


A Series of dances performed at 24th & Mission during the Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers

Fiestaban Photography

Thursday, September 24: Live Music by Lisa Light, Danced by SPULU & Zari Le’on

Friday, September 25-Sunday, September 27: Danced by Anton Smith & Zari Le’on


“We Come Out Chased By Hounds”

a new evening-length work


Fiestaban Photography


Choreographer’s notes: The Popol Vuh is the inspiration of this performance for it was the last Mayan text written before the conquest. The Doll people are the focus of this work, and because their ways are largely fragmented, the dances can be re-arranged to fit into many different configurations.

1.) Story of Creation and Fall of the Wood/Doll People

2.) “and they have no blood”

3.) “and they had no respect for their creator”

4.) “and they had no sweat”

5.) “and they were turned into Monkeys”

6.) “and a great flood came”

7.) “and they had nothing in their minds”

8.) “This is not what I had in mind says heart-of-sky”

9.) “They are just walking about but they accomplish nothing”


~Love is Kind~


This dance theater work will be presented in the forms of dance, spoken word and song. It is not suitable for humans with sensitivity to profanity.

The work will use the music of Duran Duran, Big Sean, The Knife, Glasser, Destiny’s Child, Depeche Mode and a special video by Lisa Light to tell this story.

Temescal Arts Center
July 25, 2015


“Rosario Despierta Recuerdos”-Ebb & Flow Festival–June 8—LIVE!


~Love is patient~



“We Come Out Chased By Hounds”-Temescal Arts Center–July 25—LIVE!

“Autobiography of a Warrior”-South Central & East Los Angeles—Screen Dance

“Whore”-duet with El Elle–Los Angeles—Screen Dance

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