All praise to God! Yes, I said God! My testimony in this time of FIVE planets in retrograde and weird politicians and weird celebrities is all glory to God, the purveyor of faith and hope.


First, let’s discuss these five planets in retrograde. There are 5 fast and simple ways around/through/enjoying retrograde and they correspond to this work that we will be presenting tomorrow, April 30 at Open Engagement:
1.) Breathe: Our breath is our gift. It is constant, and really allows us to know where we are. When our breath is hard, held and choppy we can assume that our mind/body/soul is too. When our breath is effortless and unnoticed then we know that whatever intentions we have set are also working effortlessly and unnoticed, which is good news and at times, bad news. When we are conscious of our breath and conscious of how we are breathing during times of stress and happiness we are also able to train how we respond to different types of scenarios. The end result being clarity and control over the choices that we make.
2.) Shake it out! Sometimes we take on too much energy, whether from circumstances we have created or from circumstances that we are put in. So, as animals do AFTER stressful times we must release that negative energy. Even when the energy is high as a kite, we must ground back into our core, so that we find an equilibrium, harmony and consitency that we can trust.
3.) Circle of Energy: When the planets are funky, pick YOUR funk. When I first heard people speak of boundaries I was like, “Wait- my people don’t do barriers.” As I began to understand what boundaries are I realized that a boundary can be as simple as setting an intention to be happy. That intention not only gives me parameters to focus on, but also let’s me choose how much of not-so-happy I can truly handle. This doesn’t mean that I do not want or cannot handle those who are not “happy”, because happy is an emotion and emotions come and go. This just means that I know that I have a choice and that someone else’s unhappy doesn’t have to be my choice.
4.) Second Position: The inevitable truth of retrograde is that we are confronted with parts of ourselves that we are not too “happy” with, and we may want to change or that need to change but we may not know how to do it quite yet. This lesson is that life is a journey, but the only way to get to the next destination is to go through and be present and patient with the one where we are. This lesson is one of the hardest because we can really HATE the place where we are. It can be painful and we may struggle and we may be absolutely disgusted with ourselves. But the only way to quiet that idea down is to accept that stretch, to breathe through that strength building. Just like second position: life is about maintenance. Second position doesn’t just come on its own. The splits just don’t come on their own, and neither does life. Living takes a dedication that requires the committment to the journey.
5.) Yanvalou: During retrograde we see how well we’ve been doing our work by how prepared we are during the times of retrograde. Retrograde is where the universe says, “Let’s see if you’ve been paying attention. Now go and IMPROVISE!” And just like that you’re about to see how prepared you are. That is what keeps us humble. Yanvalou is the dance of humility and assurance. What, you may ask, “do I have to be assured about when things are uncertain?” And that is where you go with God. In Voodoo, it would be the spirit Damballah who signifies the circular principle of life. We will return to whence we came… eventually.

I am humbled by this place in my life. Studying the Dunham Technique for 19 years. I gave it a rest for awhile because I loved it so much, too much, because it saved me, but I did not understand that once on the ride of Dunham Technique if you do not grow, neither does the technique. So, growth is a requirement. But guess what? It is a requirement of life too.
I have been humbled by the numerous people in my life who have inspired this work.
I am humbled by the people who are way too fierce for words, who are co-presenting with me.
Finally, I am assured that through the retrograde of five planets there are five exercises that are healing and empowering, and I am beyond honored to share this work.

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