Autobiography of a Warrior: Spring is Here


photo: fiestaban photography

When my dear friend/model/singer/songwriter/producer said, “You need to get Mo’s CD.” I listened with eager ears for I was depressed in my job, and struggling with re-connecting to my source of inspiration. I was in search of familiar voices making their art through music, and so I searched online, and found Moese Angel’s first and last CD titled, “Jah Mission.” I listened to his CD produced by him and his sister non-stop, feverishly, and literally… got powered up. I listened to it at my home, in my car, played it during my classes, listened to it in Zion National Park, and slowly but surely, I found myself again through the incredibly positive and righteous message in the lyrics and vibration of the music. Reggae/Roots/Rasta is created with this intention in mind, but I allowed the full message to set in to my heart, mind, and soul.

Tomorrow, is the big day when I film the video to one of Moese and Luna Angel’s songs, “InI A King,” and I hope that this video inspires people to look to their circle of friends and community as a source of inspiration. There is an old saying that goes, “What you’re looking for is normally right in front of you” (I am paraphrasing), and I am incredibly honored to know such divine sources of inspiration many of whom have donated to this video and guided me through so many dark hours.

In discussing this video I am using the lens of Afro-Futurism because Moese and Luna were writing about an environment that does not exist or one that exists in scarcity. “We are Kings, YES we are Warriors” is a line from the song, and it is a prayer for dark times. That is why this lens is futuristic. It is a utopia where many diverse ways can exist, where music can heal, and where we are surrounded by communities of support. This is the future. This is the future. This is the future… I pray. Such is the case for #blacklivesmatter. It is a futuristic concept, because in 2015 Black Lives matter less in relation to other lives. I am not only talking about our lives in relation to cop killings. I am talking about our lives in relation to our view of ourselves, and our talents and gifts, and the people we love. The treacherous thing about the -isms (rac/class/sex/abl) is that these ideas encourage self-loathing. Next, the little voice inside loathes anyone who LOVES us, because we cannot see the thing inside that anyone would love or place value in. Then, we treat the people who love us poorly, and we look to the outside for validation, and love, and inspiration, and growth, and support, when really all of these things are in our hearts in beautiful golds, and blacks, and whites. Ah! I digress.

When someone reaches out a hand to you in help or in need of comfort GRAB THAT HAND. It doesn’t cost a thing, and it will save someone’s life. The more hands we grab the bigger our circle will become, and we can let go and fly, and come back to our circle, and fly solo, come back to our circle… I pray.

I am honored to be creating this video. We film tomorrow, and we will be sharing it soon!

Many Spring-Love Blessings!

In the Spirit,

Zari Le’on


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