This “art” thing

the Free beat

I was inspired this morning when I read Tori Roze’s facebook post which read something like, “I post every gotdarned day about my art, so when people act like they don’t know what i’m doing it is effed up! AAAAND I’ve been in the game for

E I G H T E E N years!!!”

Now, I know that it must be hard to be around people doing art. They like to talk about it, live it, breathe it… if they are performers it is doubly hard because they are bright, very bright, even blinding.

But here’s the thing: this art thing is not a game. Perhaps it would be cozier for many to see us complying with the standards set by the “Joneses” and I am sure that our constant self-promotion may seem self-absorbed. But the truth is that we are the embodiment of memory. We are the ones who hold those pesky things called emotions, and synthesize them into something more digestible so that you or you or you do not have to/breath a little more/expand/blame us/hate us/love us/etc. We are the ones who are in the forefront of sacrifice because we have. Sacrificed a lot. Many of us are outcasts in our blood community. Many of us do not have things that the average person has like a job, or a car, or fancy-shit, or kids, or a husband/wife/partner, or our health (because we rode our tires bald when someone needed us to go that extra mile) or a trust fund, or inheritance.

The INDIFFERENCE to our lives hurts, and so do your dumbass questions:

What are you doing these days?

Are you still dancing?

When are you going to settle down?

When are you going to get a REAL JOB?

When are you going to grow up?

And believe me the list goes on and on, and all of these comments/questions are really trying to silence our way of life. Many of us, who are still in communion with people who are not doing this art thing, tap in and ask questions about subjects that are relevant in their lives. Why not do the same for us? And, if you are friends with someone on social media, you never really need to ask these questions. These questions are only meant to make people who do this thing called art feel irrelevant. And although you may not “like” all of our work, what we do is undeniable.

We are creators.

In solidarity with Tori Roze, AMAZING MUSICIAN AND PERFORMER, I am reposting her status, and personalizing it:

This is my LIFE’s WORK, been -making dances, performing, writing, directing, teaching- for 18 years, just throwing that out there ❤ love to those who are just now realizing what I’ve been doing my whole life, let’s “ride the wave” together 😉 hi, I’m -Zari Le’on, I’m a dancer, choreographer, teacher, performer writer, creator-, nice to make your acquaintance.

One thought on “This “art” thing

  1. Thanks zari! are you still dancing? ha ha ha! I know right? People do still ask me that. Thanks to you thoughtfulness, I will have a different response the next time I get that question. Not sure what it will be…. but something on the lines of… “are you still breathing? fyi, I will be dancing for the rest of my life…even if I can’t walk anymore”…although, I must say, I have been at the computer more than I have been doing my art lately…and its driving me crazy…but that’s another rant.

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